Paris Day & Night

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Наша работа на Vimeo Festival + Awards — 2012 New York City

I look & move Vimeo Festival + Awards
Constantine Konovalov, Irina Neustroeva, Fab Martini Teeter-totter-tam Animation
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Dragonframe for iPad (English version)

Dragonframe for iPad
The opinion of most people that iPad is still at the level of toys. But Apple is clearly focused in the future to combine the computer and the tablet in something common. And perhaps we will soon see something concise, convenient and perform all the basic functions of a computer. In this article we will […]
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I LOOK & MOVE (English version)

I LOOK & MOVE Stop-motion animation
This article focuses on our new stop-motion animation «I LOOK & MOVE». Here we consider a sequence of frames in some scenes and process of the shooting. Our new stop-motion animation lasts 1 minute 30 seconds and consists of 1072 images. You see only feet in the picture. Shooting was carried out above at the […]
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